Debt Relief Solutions from our Birmingham Bankruptcy Attorneys

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Many Alabama families encounter financial troubles at some point in their lives. Even with hard work and sound financial planning, sometimes it only takes a medical emergency or sudden loss of employment to put families in financial peril. The Birmingham bankruptcy lawyers at Seal Hanson LLC understand that debt can seem like an overwhelming obstacle, which is why they want to help.

Many Americans are struggling right now. If you and your family are dealing with credit card debt that you just cannot seem to pay off or if you are facing massive medical bills, you are not alone. Maybe you have sacrificed as much as you can and even taken up a second job, only to still find yourself underwater. If this is the case, you might consider speaking to one of our Birmingham bankruptcy lawyers. Although bankruptcy is an option, it is not your only one – speaking to a qualified attorney might help you find the best way out of your troubles.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life – it is okay to accept a little help.

Solutions for Alabamans Struggling with Debt

Every Alabama client’s situation is unique, so we work diligently to find the very best solution for each and every case. You will receive our personal attention and remain updated throughout the process, so that you know exactly what is happening and who is working on your behalf. Our Birmingham bankruptcy lawyers can help you with:

We will work with you to help you keep your home, car, and the things you cherish most while we find the best way to help you reach financial stability.

When you contact our office, you will take the first steps towards stopping the harassing phone calls, wage garnishment, and threatening collection letters from your creditors. Bankruptcy can seem like a frightening thing, but it does not have to be this way. The government originally instituted bankruptcy as a way of keeping people out of debtors’ prisons. Although you can no longer go to jail for debt, having to live with the constant phone calls and threats of lawsuits can still feel like punishment. Filing for bankruptcy can free you from these troubles, and offer you a fresh start.

We Handle Personal Injuries and Business Law, As Well

It goes without saying that many financial troubles can result from events entirely beyond your control. All it takes is one negligent driver on the road to give someone injuries that will overwhelm their finances. However, even if you are able to handle the initial medical costs, you may feel like legal action is the best remedy for the pain and suffering you have experienced, which is why we offer personal injury legal services.

We are also prepared to handle any business law matters you may have. If you need legal advice for start-up and formation, if a partner failed to uphold his or her end of a deal, or if you just need assistance protecting your business’ assets, we can help. From contracts to courtrooms, we have solutions for you.

Help is Available When You Call

Whether you are under threat of foreclosure, struggling with credit card debt, or just needing to get your finances straight, our Birmingham bankruptcy lawyers can help. Contact our office today to speak with an experienced Alabama bankruptcy attorney in a no cost, no obligation consultation. There is no need to continue suffering under massive debt, so take the first step towards stability today.

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